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GORI 34 High Performance Decking Stain

About the Product

GORI 34 High Performane Decking stain is a translucent, solvent based stain for exterior wooden decks. GORI 34 is a matt stain, which enhances the natural structure of the wood grain and prevents surface mould and fungi. GORI 34 offers extended durability.


Recommended for

Outdoor wooden decks.



  • Solvent based
  • For outdoor use
  • Contains fungicide gainst mould and fungi
  • High penetration
  • Water repellent

Can sizes

  • 5.00 L
GORI 354may not be available on all markets.
Not all can sizes are available on all markets – please check with your country’s distributor for more information.

Apply with a brush.

Recommended system: 1-2 coats of GORI 34 High Performance Decking Stain. 


Substrate preparation

Apply on dry, clean wood free from dust, fats, old paint, etc. Clean with a suitable detergen (e.g. GORI Wood Cleaner) to remove mould and/or incrustations. Deteriorated wood must be sanded down to sound wood.

9900 Clear 7804 Teak 7805 Oak
7808 Walnut 8101 White  

All GORI wood protection products can be tinted in an endless number of shades – please check with the local supplier for more information
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