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GORI 35 Decking Stain

About the Product

GORI 35 Decking stain is a translucent, water based, wood protection for exterior wooden decks. It is decorative and enhances the structure of the wood, but more importantly, it provides weather- and UV-protection for the surface. GORI 35 also slows down growth of blue stain and mould.


Recommended for

Outdoor wooden decks.



  • Water based
  • For outdoor use
  • Decorates and protects
  • Ready-to-use product

Can sizes

  • 5.00 L
GORI 35 may not be available on all markets.
Not all can sizes are available on all markets – please check with your country’s distributor for more information.

Apply with a brush or soft cloth

Recommended system: 1-2 coats of GORI 35 Decking Stain. Make sure not to apply to thick a layer in each coat.


Substrate preparation

Apply on dry, clean wood free from dust, fats, old paint, etc. Clean with a suitable detergen (e.g. GORI Wood Cleaner) to remove mould and/or incrustations. Deteriorated wood must be sanded down to sound wood.

9900 Clear 7804 Teak  

All GORI wood protection products can be tinted in an endless number of shades – please check with the local supplier for more information
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