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GORI 36 Garden Furniture Oil

About the Product

GORI 36 Garden Furniture Oil is a natural, translucent hardwood oil, which is resistant to water and alcohol (= cleaning agents). GORI 36 Garden Furniture Oil is used to treat garden furniture from in particular exotic and tropical woods. Can also be used indoor. GORI 36 Garden Furniture Oil enhances the wood grain.


Recommended for

Outdoor garden furniture + indoor noble woods.



  • Solvent based
  • For outdoor/indoor use
  • Wood recovers its natural balance
  • Ready-to-use product

Can sizes

  • 0.75 L
  • 2.50 L
Not all can sizes are available on all markets – please check with your country’s distributor for more information.

Apply with brush or soft cloth

Recommended system: 1 x GORI 36 Garden Furniture Oil until wood is saturated.


Substrate preparation

Apply on dry, clean wood free from dust, fats, old paint, etc. Apply on all sides of the wood, as well as sections and ends.

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