GORI 11 Wood Preservative

GORI 11 is a water-based preservative with insecticide, fungicide and anti-termite properties. Use GORI 11 to preserve and cure healthy or damaged wood. GORI 11 is an effective treatment against all insects attacking dry wood, wood destroying insects, termites, decay fungi and blue stain. It is compatible with all types of primers and finishes, such as wood protection, wood stains, varnishes or paint – both water based and solvent based.

GORI 22 Multi Purpose Wood Preservative

GORI 22 is a solvent-based preservative product with insecticide, anti-termite and fungicide properties. Use GORI 22 to preserve and cure by spraying or brushing all types of outdoor attacked wood. Recommended to preserve outdoor wood, and materials derived from wood (doors, windows, fences, beams, panelling, furniture, etc.).