Translucent Wood Protection

GORI 66 Wood Protection

GORI 66 is a solvent based translucent, matt finish wood protection with surface fungicide properties. GORI 66 is based on alkyd resins. GORI 44 penetrates deep into the wood.

Only available in Italy – please refer to GORI 44 in other countries

GORI 79 Colourless Wood Protection

GORI 79 is a water based, clear wood stain, which offers extra protection against the sun’s UV-rays. GORI 79 is the only clear wood protection, which can be used on its own, as all other wood protection products will require a pigmented undercoat.

GORI 90 Sun Protection

GORI 90 Sun Protection is a clear, solvent based long lasting wood protection for outdoor use. The product is weather and water resistant and contains UV-blocker for maximum protection against UV degradation.

(Not available on all markets).

GORI 99 Extreme

GORI 99 Extreme is a translucent, satin finish, water based wood protection for outdoor use. GORI 99 Extreme contains fungicides for protection against fungi, mould and blue stain. GORI 99 Extreme is based on polyurethane modified acrylic resins.