Translucent Wood Protection

GORI 90 Sun Protection

About the Product

GORI 90 Sun Protection is a clear, solvent based long lasting wood protection for outdoor use. The product is weather and water resistant and contains UV-blocker for maximum protection against UV degradation.

(Not available on all markets).


Recommended for

All kinds of outdoor wooden elements and wood species.



  • Solvent based
  • Contains UV-blocker for maximum protection against UV degradation
  • For outdoor use
  • Contains fungicide to protect surface against surface fungi, blue stain and mould
  • Ready-to-use product

Can sizes

  • 0.75 L
  • 2.50 L
  • 5.00 L

Not all can sizes are available on all markets – please check with your country’s distributor for more information.


Apply with brush or spray

Recommended system: Bare softwood should be treated with 1 x GORI 22 + 3 x GORI 90 Sun Protection

Substrate preparation

Apply on dry, clean wood free from dust, fats, old paint, etc. Apply on all sides of the wood, as well as sections and ends.

9900 Clear High Gloss
9901 Clear Semi-Gloss

All GORI wood protection products can be tinted in an endless number of shades – please check with the local supplier for more information
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