Opaque Wood Protection


About the Product

GORI 91 OPAQUE wood finish for wood, aluminium, steel and PVC is an opaque, water based wood protection for both outdoor and indoor use. A bonding agent with improved formula ensures stronger bonding of product with base and far greater elasticity. The product forms an opaque, hardwearing elastic fi lm on all interior and exterior surfaces.

GORI 91 is so safe, that it can be used to decorate childrens toys according to the test. Dowload certificate here: EN71, Part 3.

During 2022 GORI 91 OPAQUE will change to: GORI 55 SENSITIVE. The product remains the same excellent quality.


Recommended for

Outdoor/indoor on pre-treated wood, aluminium, galvanized and primed steel surfaces and UPVC surfaces.



  • Water based
  • For outdoor/indoor use
  • Highly opaque
  • Weather proof up to 12 years
  • Ready-to-use product

Can sizes

  • 0.75 L
  • 2 L
Not all can sizes are available on all markets – please check with your country’s distributor for more information.  


  • EN71, Part 3: Safe for use on children’s toys once topcoat has dried (insert link to certificate)
  • Withstands effects of simulated spit and sweat in accordance with DIN 53 160, Part 1 and 2

Apply with brush, roller or spray

Recommended system: Untreated softwood exterior: 1 x GORI 11 or GORI 22 + 2 x GORI 91. Hardwood exterior: 2 x GORI 91. Interior: 2 x GORI 91


Substrate preparation

Apply on dry, clean wood free from dust, fats, old paint, etc. Apply on all sides of the wood, as well as sections and ends.

0000 Jet Black 8000 Snow White  

All GORI wood protection products can be tinted in an endless number of shades – please check with the local supplier for more information
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